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3 More Game-Changing Study Tips For The New SAT

To call the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) a challenge for students is a gross understatement, especially in the midst of all the distractions one has at that phase of life. Class goes from 9 am to 3 pm. Students are then encouraged to play a sport, in which case they have to practice, often times until around 5 or 6 in the evening. Then when they’re nice and tired, both physically and mentally, they have to balance their homework for class with preparing for what everyone tells them is one of the important exams of their lives. And what’s worse, is that up until very recently, the material of the SAT has been completely separate from the what they are taught in school. Only recently has the exam been restructured to reflect their academic curriculums. However, even with the recent changes, taking on the SAT is no easy task. Here are three tips on how to make the whole experience a bit less unbearable and a lot more successful, brought to you by the best of private tutors NYC.

Tip #1: Start studying early. You can never be too prepared. The earlier you start studying, the fewer surprises you’ll encounter at crunch time. Plus, as time passes, you will grow more accustomed to the structure, length, and material of the exam. Remember that the College Board just recently released a new exam, which means educators and trainers are not entirely familiar with it. For that reason, you are going to want to give yourself ample time to get comfortable with it. This newer version will have math and reading sections that are allegedly longer and more complex that past versions, so endurance will be a factor. But just so long as you stay up in school and start preparing several months beforehand, the real thing should be daisies for you.

Tip #2: Lots and lots of practice tests: Preparing way in advance does not just mean flash cards. It does not just mean reading or doing your math homework. All of that is important, but not will increase your score like practice exams. This allows you not only to familiarize yourself with the structure and length, but also to analyze where your strengths and weaknesses are. Are there certain kinds of questions with which you tend to struggle? Do you notice yourself losing focus after a certain amount of time has past? These are the kinds of things you can assess and approve upon only once you’ve done them. Otherwise you’ll never know you’re doing them wrong. Plus, your stamina will improve with each test, which is crucial since the questions get progressively harder with each section.

Tip #3: Keep up in school. Up until a few months ago, this would not have mattered. But with the new design, the SAT is much less a measurement of aptitude and a lot more an assessment of accountability. That is to say, the test reflects your curriculum. Colleges want to see that you do your work. Plus, the SAT aside, most colleges will not only look at your score, but also at your academic transcript. If you receive an above average score on your SAT but fail all of your classes, you’ll be hurting your chances of getting into a good college tremendously.

In any case, these are just a few tricks to get your started. But just reading this article isn’t going to cut it. You need to buckle down. And there’s no better way to get your score to where it needs to be than to work with a private tutor. NYC tutoring agencies like Big Apple Tutoring always have Ivy league graduates as their tutors. They can teach you everything you need to know about the SAT so you can get into the college of your dreams. For more information, contact us at 212-479-0830 to set up an appointment.

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