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About Big Apple Tutoring LLC

Academic Excellence – Excellence In Caring

Tutors from Manhattan’s premier tutoring service, Big Apple Tutoring LLC, have earned the reputation of being the best tutors in New York City. All of our tutors and teachers have impeccable resumes, referrals, recommendations and the highest level of experience. From colleges and universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Vassar, Tufts, Brandeis, UCLA, Yale and Stanford, our tutors are not only masters of their respective subjects, but also are outgoing, friendly, caring and interesting people.

About Our Elementary Education Tutors
We have New York tutors for elementary education specializing in beginning reading, phonics, math skills, as well as study skills experts.

About Our Middle School & High School Tutors
Our middle school and high school tutors know and understand the competitive NYC public and private school system. We have students from almost every school in New York City and we have grown to know the curriculum of nearly every school in Manhattan.

About Our Standardized Test Prep Tutors
Our standardized test prep tutors and teachers are an invaluable resource for the preparation of the many standardized tests (SSAT, SAT, PSAT, SAT1, SAT2, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, ISEE).

About Our Tutors For Individuals With Learning Disabilities
Big Apple Tutoring LLC has several tutors on staff who are “specialists” for students that have various learning disabilities. Some of these tutors have had special training for students with LD’s, while others are certified special education teachers. We have successfully worked with students who have various processing issues, LD’s, as well as students with ADD and ADHD. We know that each and every student is unique in his/her learning, and our experience with all types of students (at various levels) has given us insight into what methods work.

About Our College And Graduate Level Tutors
Our college and graduate level tutors have years of training in their various subjects. Many of our tutors are board certified teachers, while others are professional tutors. All of our tutors have years of experience and are carefully screened utilizing the highest possible standards of interviewing and testing. Referrals and resumes are available upon request.

Requested Year After Year
At Big Apple Tutoring LLC, we take pride in our high level of tutoring excellence, and many of our tutors are requested year after year to work with returning clients.

Success In School & Beyond
Big Apple Tutoring LLC clients have found tremendous success in NYC education and beyond. The uniquely individualized program encourages clients not only to learn, but also to help set and achieve their academic goals.

We’re Here For You When You Need Us
Whether needing assistance with a specific paper, exam, or general subject, Big Apple Tutoring LLC in New York City is here for your needs. Whether a one time visit, or on-going weekly sessions, your tutor will work with you to find the best possible schedule for your needs. There is no pressure or sales from the tutors. Whatever you need, you will receive.

Many clients take advantage of our discounted packages, while others choose to use us “by the hour”. There is no requirement. Our fees range from $90 – $125 per hour depending on the type of package you purchase.

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