3 Steps Towards Ensuring That Your Kids Do Their Homework

Published on: December 15, 2017

Homework is something that plays an integral role in every child’s education. Without homework, your child does not have the opportunity to reinforce material learned in class, which is a crucial step in the process of retaining new information. That being said, convincing him or her of the value and importance of homework is by no means an easy task. It takes meticulous planning, a little creativity, and diligent parenting to emphasize the necessity of good study habits. The process can be far from intuitive for most parents. Here at Big Apple Tutoring, we are widely considered homework help experts. Below, we have prepared a few useful tips to help you ensure that your son or daughter has the drive and motivation to complete the work that is necessary to maximize his or her academic experience.


  1. Create a space that is conducive to productive work

Your job as a parent is to provide a comfortable environment that allows your child to focus directly on their schoolwork. If you can create a study space in the house away from phones, television, noise, and other distractions, you’ll find that it is much easier for your child to focus. Kids often struggle to realize the importance of homework, and it is unlikely that he or she will take the necessary steps to find their own space conducive to productivity. If you can demonstrate the value of a study space, your child will recognize this and strive to recreate healthy study environments later on in life.


  1. Every child deserves his or her own study space

If you have more than one child, they should each have their own private space for studying. If you decide to set both children up in the same room, you can likely expect them to become distracted as soon as you leave them to their studies. Encouraging your children to spend time together is a fantastic idea, but not when you want them to focus on homework. The presence of a sibling can be even more distracting than a phone or TV during homework time.


  1. Keep technology use to a bare minimum

Technology has never had a bigger presence in our everyday lives, but at times it can be detrimental to the development and focus of our children. We suggest implementing a “no phones no computers” approach in order to maximize your child’s focus level during their studies. There will certainly be times when your child requires the use of a computer for research or writing. This will become increasingly prevalent as your child gets older, and is an issue to navigate when necessary. However, there is a large amount of work from kindergarten through the 12th grade that requires nothing more than a textbook for reading, a pen and a notebook for writing, and a quiet space to block out the numerous distractions present in your child’s life.


Give your child a strong foundation to develop good study habits

As a driven and hardworking parent, it can be a real challenge to find the time to help your child work through their homework. If you want what’s best for your children, and you recognize the value in having an adult with the knowledge and experience to provide help with your child’s homework, hiring one of our tutors is the right choice. Big Apple Tutoring’s homework help NYC services will enable your child to develop great study habits, receive priceless one on one help, and set a solid educational foundation for their future.


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