3 Unexpected Benefits of Tutoring

Published on: January 10, 2018

Hiring a tutor for your child is one of the best investments that you can make in their future success. It doesn’t matter if your child is struggling with their current workload or is a straight A student, hiring a tutor has something to offer everyone. A tutor can dramatically improve your child’s grade point average, test scores, and study habits. It’s a service that will pay dividends for years to come and can give your child an extra edge in their academic career.


The benefits of hiring a private tutor in NYC are numerous. Typically, the main benefits we think about related to hiring a tutor are improved academic performance, the opportunity to receive one on one help, and improved standardized test scores. That being said, there are a variety of benefits that reach beyond the classroom. We have prepared a list below of 3 unexpected benefits of tutoring that your child will experience with our tutors.


  1. Improved Self Esteem and Confidence
    Confidence and self esteem, particularly with regards to academic challenges, are skills that can benefit greatly with the help of one-on-one tutoring. Our tutors offer diverse expertise, personalized lesson plans, and undivided academic attention. They have graduated from the top universities and educational institutions in the country and are fully focused on helping students reach their full potential. After your child spends some time receiving direct guidance and feedback from one of our world class tutors, their confidence and self esteem can skyrocket. They will feel much more prepared for academic tasks, challenging coursework, and standardized tests after working closely and building a strong relationship with their tutor.


  1. Tutors Encourage Asking Questions
    Asking questions and not being afraid to question things is an attitude that can change the world. We feel that learning extends beyond the classroom and that a hunger to learn will serve students well throughout their entire lives. During a tutoring session, our tutors encourage active communication and questions. We want students to be curious and engaged with the subjects they are studying because it helps them retain the information. The habit of asking questions and being hungry for knowledge is something that will help a young mind flourish.


  1. Enhanced Work Ethic
    Employing one of our private tutor in NYC can provide a lot of great opportunities for your child. Perhaps one of the lesser known benefits is the opportunity to enhance your child’s work ethic. Our tutors are great at motivating their students to succeed and encouraging them to form strong study habits and work principles. These habits can be adapted towards any challenges that the students will face in life.


If you were on the fence about homeschooling in NYC or are hesitant to make the investment for a private tutor in NYC, we strongly recommend reconsidering. The benefits of private tutoring sessions extend far beyond the classroom and can help pave the road to success for your child. Improved self esteem and confidence, increased willingness to ask questions, and an enhanced work ethic are all benefits of one-on-one tutoring that you might not have considered upon first thought.


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Big Apple Tutoring has home schooled our second grade twins this entire year–Not only have they done a phenomenal job in everyday instruction and motivation but they helped get our kids into the private schools of their choice–The best there is to offer in Manhattan in the way of home schooling or tutoring!!!!

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