4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Do Extracurricular Activities

Published on: September 14, 2017

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More research comes out each year suggesting that there’s more to your child’s development than grades. Regardless of whether your son or daughter is a straight A student, it’s important to recognize classroom performance is not the only part of his or her education. Many argue that extracurricular activity is equally, if not more important than class time. Here are 4 reasons why extracurriculars will lead to your child’s success. [Related topic: private tutoring NYC]

Time Management

For those of us with an overly busy schedule, a day off to relax is alleviating. But after a while, days full of nothing can turn a person restless. In general, keeping your days busy is advantageous to your happiness and physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, life is usually busy anyway, whether you like it or not. That’s why teaching your child to manage his or her time by filling up the day as much as possible at an early age is healthy.

Perspective and Change Of Scenery

It’s important to present information to someone from a variety of angles. If the only way your child learns is from behind a desk in front of a whiteboard, that’s a problem. That’s not how the rest of the world consumes information. By putting your child in a diverse range of settings, you allow him or her to learn to adjust to the unfamiliar. That’s an important skill, as the real world changes faster than ever these days.

It’s Great For College Apps

Your child may be an immaculate student or an average student. Either way, when applying for college, there will surely be someone else with nearly identical marks on his or her transcript. What will distinguish your child from competitors is what he or she has done outside of the classroom. Whether it’s sports, the school newspaper, debate team, or something else, it says something profound about your child’s willingness to take on new challenges. And that is exceptionally attractive to universities.

Working With Others

In class group projects are effective in theory but are few and far between and intertwined between individual class work. Most extracurriculars, however, are inherently based in working with others. These are skills that most employers will be looking for, and that the classroom setting simply cannot facilitate.

To give your child the best possible future, you want to make available all resources necessary to make that possible. That means extracurricular activity, but also extra help with class. To learn more about Big Apple Tutoring’s private tutoring NYC services, give us a call at 212-479-0830.

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