Convincing Your Child That School Really Matters

Published on: October 16, 2017

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Foresight is hard to teach. It’s difficult to convince your kids of how they can benefit from an elementary, middle, or upper school education. But it’s worth making the effort to try and get the message across that at the end of the day, school matters. And the more your child recognizes that, the more motivated he or she will be in class. Here’s an explanation of how each subject in school stands to benefit your child in his or her adult life.

Social Studies

These kinds of courses will train your child to think critically about real life events. Students develop research skills, which they apply as a means of defending a point. They must learn how to defend their ideas during in-class debates and also in essays. And in order to defend their stances, they must learn to analyze data and make decisions. All of these skills are applicable to real-life careers. So despite the fact that future employers may not want your child’s final exam paper on American history, they’ll surely be looking for the person who aces that paper.

English and Literature

Similarly to history and social studies, English courses teach students how to organize complex and large amounts of information. Students can apply these skills to their resumes, as they’ll need to look back at all the ways they’ve contributed a past jobs and organizations and limit it to clear and concise points that fit on a single page. These classes also teach students to develop their writing and communication skills, which is useful in corresponding with a boss or clients. School is not only preparing students to get the job. It’s equipping them with the skills they’ll need to sustain a career.


Math tends to pop up regularly in our everyday lives. It becomes increasingly necessary as we inch our way towards adulthood. In high school and college we have to learn to split the check and determine how much tip to provide at restaurants. As we grow older, balancing a checkbook grows more important. Keeping a tab on your monthly expenses for your credit reports also increasingly becomes a daily factor in life. All of these things are much easier for those who put in the work when they’re younger during math class.

Time Management

School is your child’s introduction into heavy workloads. They will have up to five, sometimes as many as six or seven classes to manage at a time. They’ll also likely have extracurricular activity and/or sports to manage after class. And on top of all of that, they also need to balance a social life. While time management is arguably the most challenging aspect of middle or high school, it is also extremely valuable. With these skills, your child will be equipped to manage a full day’s work, a marriage, family, kids, and a social life. Without these building blocks, managing life becomes considerably more difficult.

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