How To Find Your Life Passion

Published on: October 16, 2017

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You are approaching a transitional phase in life and that is unnerving. Every year millions of people, old and young, all across the country dread this question. What is my passion in life? For some, it’s an exciting and intriguing mental exercise while for others it’s a question that has lingered, exhaustingly, for entirely too long. This guide will help ensure that you fall into the former category. Here’s how to narrow your search for your life passion, which we hope you can convert into sustaining a fulfilling career.

1. Go Into Your Search For Purpose With a Positive Perspective

Nine times out of ten, going into something with a negative attitude, regardless of the magnitude to which it will affect your life and/or the lives of others, is a recipe for disappointment. If you decide prior to entering a restaurant that you won’t find anything you like on the menu, you’re all the more likely to fulfill that prophecy. Such is the case for the bigger life questions too, whether that pertains to choosing a major in college, deciding on a thesis for graduate school, or pursuing a professional career. Instead, approach these challenges like problems that you have the capacity and responsibility to resolve. By being intentional and confident with your search, you’ll open up your options significantly.

2. Examine Your Past For Hints

Your past experiences are like a portal into your mind. Look back at which aspects of school you loved and which ones you hated. Make a list and then speak to your peers, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and exclusive tutors about how to apply this list to your future.

3. Define Your Deal Breakers

Part of figuring out what you love is pinpointing what you hate. For which classes, activities, clubs, projects, etc. did you have complete and utter contempt? Now search for any common threads between each of them. Why were they so unpleasant for you and how could you avoid encountering them again in the future? For example, did you hate sitting in class having to listen to lectures but love hands-on activities and performing experiments in the lab? That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a scientist. What it does mean is that office work may not be your cup of tea. Determining what aspects of school were the most unbearable will enable you to rule out certain majors and/or career paths.

4. Cut Yourself Some Slack

People’s passions are moving targets. Throughout your life, your interests, skillset, and goals will change many times over. So long as you continue your search with intention and perseverance, and you surround yourself with people who can help guide you, you can rest assured that you’re headed in the right direction. Big Apple Tutoring is happy to help you get to where you’re going.

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