7 Tips To Help You In Your Next Exam

Published on: May 9, 2017

Exams are a stressful yet necessary part of life, and a process that can become easier with the relevant preparation. With Big Apple Tutoring and our team of exclusive tutors, we have created seven top tips which will help you pass your next set of exams.

Find the seven tips below:

Timing Is Crucial

Revise for ten minutes, and break for ten minutes. Revise for twenty minutes, and break for ten minutes, and so on! Depending on your levels of concentration, you can work for longer before indulging yourself in a break. A key factor of success is self-discipline. Unfortunately texting your friends and spending time on Twitter isn’t going to help you. Sticking to 10 minute breaks will keep your mind and body fresh, whilst improving your levels of concentration for returning to study.

When You Need To Work, Work!

And when you want to play, play! The two do not mix, so don’t try to force it. You shouldn’t log on to your computer with the intention of studying, only to find yourself playing video games or tweeting about how hard you’re studying. When you are revising, close all other windows and focus entirely on your work. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by anything or anyone else. Unfortunately, you cannot expect to have a revision page open at the same time as your Facebook page and expect to revise successfully. It doesn’t work like that!

Organize Your Space

Ensure that you have sufficient space for all your materials. Is your chair comfortable? Is there enough light? Are any possible distractions out of sight and out of mind? You should make yourself as comfortable as possible, in order to give your full focus to the work that’s needed. For some people it can be helpful to have some background music whilst for others complete silence is more appropriate. You should think about what works for you and implement anything that you see as helpful.

Utilize Visual Aids

Writing everything down will help you understand subjects in a clear and concise fashion. Adding a highlighter to the import parts will allow them to stand-out in your head. You can use post-it notes and stick them in places you know you’ll see them often in the build-up to your next exam.  For example, on your bedroom wall, inside your locker, the front of the fridge and in the bathroom etc. The more times your mind indulges these notes, the more revision you are actually having!

Eat Brain-Food & Drink Lots of Water

Steer clear of junk food and high-sugar energy drinks! You may feel that you deserve a treat, but what you eat can directly affect your levels of focus and energy. Instead of reaching for a McDonalds or some ice-cream, choose nutritious foods that are proven to boost concentration levels and help with your memory. These include nuts, seeds, fish, fruits, berries and yoghurts. Additionally, the sugary drinks that you think might help you stay up all night are not the answer. Hydrate regularly and evenly and where possible drink water and natural fruit juices. This will help you remain on-task and boost learning levels. All of the above also applies to the exam day itself! Eat a good meal that will release energy slowly, as an over-indulgence in sugar will lead to a crash, probably during your exam.

Study Actively

Instead of just reading the pages of notes you have, be more creative and make the most of that wonderful brain of yours. Write poems, create quizzes, make a song – just be creative! The more parts of the brain you can engage when studying, the more likely you are to remember.  Try and use various parts of your memory to your advantage. Whether it be visual memory, audio memory, verbal memory or even muscle memory, these can all help you to remember those all important facts, processes and formulas.

Reward Yourself

Set out your textbook and target yourself a point where you would like to revise up to. Perhaps it’s the next paragraph, the entire chapter or even the full textbook. Whatever it is, mark these targets with a small reward or treat. For example, a gummy bear at the end of this paragraph, or your cell phone at the of the book. You will be surprised at how quickly and efficiently you can revise, if you have rewards in place.

In Conclusion

To conclude, exams are never fun and the truth is we don’t think anyone enjoys them. What people do enjoy however, is the day of the results and individuals being rewarded for all their hard work. With the help of Big Apple Tutoring and their experienced exclusive tutors, you can feel confident before, during and after an exam. With a dedicated team, driven to achieving results, they can help you or your child take steps in the right direction.

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