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Homeschool Tutors NYC

Homeschool Tutors NYC

New York City’s public and private schools have become so overcrowded that we’ve seen a sharp rise in homeschooling in New York City. A practice that was once controversial has become an accepted and productive method for educating a child.

At Big Apple Tutoring, we also understand that families new to NYC may choose to homeschool for a semester or a year before admitting their child to public school or applying to private schools. Parents that are homeschooling in NYC will find many benefits from working with Big Apple Tutoring, such as:

• Tailoring lessons to your child’s specific educational needs
• Convenient, one-on-one private academic tutoring in your home.
• Flexible scheduling, depending on whether you need tutoring once a week or every day.
• Working as liaison between you and the NY Department of Education Homeschool Division
• Directing you to the best accredited curriculum
• Providing you with the finest tutors in NYC
• Collecting all records and paperwork for when your child enters public or private school
• Taking on the responsibilities of filing compliance, IHIP, and annual assessment with NY Department of Education
• Helping you create the best homeschooling experience possible

After more than a decade of experience, Big Apple Tutoring has played a pivotal role in NYC homeschooling programs. With our staff of highly qualified tutors and teachers who have impeccable resumes, referrals and recommendations, Big Apple Tutoring can help with any homeschooling in New York City.

Some of the services we offer at Big Apple Tutoring are:

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Elementary Education Tutors
We have tutors who specialize in beginning reading, phonics, and math skills. If you require a board-certified teacher, we can be certain to accommodate your need.
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Middle School and High School Tutors
Our tutors understand how competitive the New York City Public and Private School system can be. At Big Apple Tutoring, we have grown to know and understand the curriculum of virtually every school in Manhattan.
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Standardized Test Prep Tutors
With so many standardized tests (SSAT, PSAT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, ISEE, ELA, and Regents), it is essential that our tutors be available to help your child in any or all of them. We provide an invaluable resource for the preparation of these standardized tests.
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Tutors for Individuals with Learning Disabilities
Big Apple Tutoring, has several tutors on staff who specialize in students that have various learning disabilities or processing issues. Some of these tutors have received special training, while others are certified special education teachers.
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College and Graduate level Tutors
We have several tutors on staff who only work with our college and graduate school level students. Whether you need help with a college level course, or desire someone to proofread a thesis, our expert college level tutors are second to none.

Whether you want to schedule a regular weekly tutoring session or employ a full-time homeschool teacher, Big Apple Tutoring, can help you with your homeschooling in NYC program. Contact us today at (212)-479-0830 or Email us. We are here for all your tutoring needs.