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Academic Excellence – Exclusive Private Tutoring & Homeschooling Support

About 5 years ago, our homeschool clientele began to increase. Because of unique family situations such as relocating to NYC, changing schools, family travel, etc, we found a huge demand for a homeschool division. Exclusive Education, under the umbrella of Big Apple Tutoring, LLC, understands these unique situations. We will take care of all NYC Department of Education Compliance and make certain that all paperwork is taken care of. We will help you choose accredited homeschool curricula and manage your homeschool program. We will supply tutors that understand the unique needs of homeschooled families. Some families have us manage and implement the entire homeschool year, while others only want us to provide tutor support. Whatever your needs, Exclusive Education is Manhattan’s homeschool expert. Please see the “exclusive education” page on our website

Big Apple Tutoring, LLC has found great success in collaborating with Oak Meadow.

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We recommend this accredited curriculum to many of our homeschool families. Oak Meadow’s progressive, experiential homeschooling curriculum for kindergarten to grade 12 is flexible, creative, and affordable. It meets your child’s unique needs at each stage of development and helps you set a natural rhythm of learning for your entire family. Use their curriculum independently or by enrolling in their fully-accredited distance learning school.