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Tutoring in New York City has long been associated with the success of students, and Exclusive Education is a service dedicated to enriching the academic experiences of the youngest of students, all the way up to those pursuing advanced degrees. We are based in Manhattan with a clientele that spreads from the Upper East Side to Tribeca. Our highly qualified tutors embrace the process of helping students reach their optimum educational potential. With over ten years of experience, we have cutting-edge knowledge of the competitive nature of private schools in New York City and beyond, as well as the requirements of country-wide institutes of higher education. Our staff has a keen understanding of what it takes to gain admission to these competitive schools, and how to excel at these levels.

Tutors know that exceptional educational experiences start with the basics. The salient quality of all exemplary students is an outstanding study protocol, especially in New York’s competitive educational environment. Sometimes this quality is innate, however, there are times when a student needs that little extra push to establish a productive method of study. This is where Exclusive Education, New York City’s premier private tutoring agency, takes its cue. Our staff advocates a dynamic and innovative approach to studying that is designed to engage students and inspire them to develop better study skills and study habits that help them reach well beyond their expectations. Where other agencies embrace one method of study, Exclusive Education caters our academic tutoring to the needs of each individual student.

We assess each student’s needs on a case-by-case basis, and tailor our tutoring services accordingly, to establish a study plan that provides maximum results for you or your student.

Exclusive Education caters our academic tutoring to the needs of each individual student.

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