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Homework Helpers in NYC

Getting Homework Assistance For Your Child

Big Apple Tutoring in New York City specializes in:

  • Homework maintenance
  • Organizational skills
  • Study skills
  • Homework Subject Expertise

Many families have weekly appointments with a specific tutor to work on all homework assignments, school work, upcoming projects, and test preparation. These “homework helpers” are well versed in all subjects. They will oversee and assist with:

  • Math Homework
  • English Homework
  • Science Homework
  • Foreign Languages
  • Latin
  • Expert Math Homework Help

One of our most frequently requested services is math homework help. Math is a notoriously challenging subject for many, and is often the source of considerable anxiety. Big Apple Tutoring has solutions for all math students: from the most basic skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percents, and simple geometry) to the more advanced topics (algebra I and II, pre-calculus, calculus, and trigonometry). We also have tutors who can help the more enthusiastic math student take his or her skills to the next level – getting ahead of the rest of the class!

Timely Assistance With Your Child’s Homework Needs

Our local New York City tutors are available every day of the week, including most weekends. While the majority of our clientele are in Manhattan, our tutors will also travel to other boroughs.

What Parents Ask Us About Homework Help

The following is an email that I received from a prospective client. This is actually a conversation that I have weekly with parents:

Hi Dan-
My child goes to Buckley and is underwater with homework. We want a tutor to visit our home twice per week to make sure that he is completing all homework and properly preparing for tests and exams. He is especially struggling with algebra and pre-calculus math. He has a very busy after school sports schedule so we need the tutor at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Is this possible? Thank you.

Yes! We Can Help Your Child Succeed!

My response is always the same: Homework help and school work maintenance are our specialties! If you are looking for a tutor to cover all subjects, we can provide that. If there is a specific subject that we need to focus on – algebra, pre calculus, calculus, math A, math B, chemistry, biology, writing, essay, history, etc. – we have you covered! Whether you need multiple sessions per week or only one session per week, we will provide you with an excellent tutor who will work with your child on a regular basis.

Helping Your Child With Homework – A Realistic Approach

We understand that, in an ideal world, you would sit with your child in the evening and help him/her with their homework and studies. But, for most parents, this is not realistic. Not only are your schedules jam packed, but also (as your child progresses), the work load and subject matter does too. Most parents simply do not remember the rules of geometry or the molecular structure of sugar or the facts of the revolutionary war or the best way to footnote a research paper. Some parents also find it “challenging” to take on the “role” of a teacher with their own child.

Yes! We Have Tutors For That!

Grade School – If your child is in grade school and you are looking to set the foundation for excellent study skills and organizational skills, we have tutors for that.
Middle & High School – If your child is in middle or high school and is feeling overwhelmed by their homework load, we have tutors for that.
Expert Subject Help – If there is a specific subject that your child is struggling with – we have tutors for that.

With a staff of 65 tutors/teachers in New York City, Big Apple Tutoring has the right homework helper for your child.