Welcome to the home of the most renowned tutoring agency in New York, where your child’s greatest potential is realized.

Big Apple Tutoring only uses the highest quality tutors this city has to offer, effectively securing a successful and fulfilling future for your child.

Our tutors are all graduates from the country’s most prestigious universities, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA. They are some of the finest tutors the country has produced.

Private Tutoring in Manhattan

Why choose Big Apple Tutoring? Simply because your child deserves the best. Private tutoring has obvious advantages over group tutoring, but what makes our private tutoring services so special is that we personally match each student with a top-notch tutor.

Testimonials of Big Apple Tutoring, LLC

Big Apple Tutoring has home schooled our second grade twins this entire year–Not only have they done a phenomenal job in everyday instruction and motivation but they helped get our kids into the private schools of their choice–The best there is to offer in Manhattan in the way of home schooling or tutoring!!!!

One-on-One Manhattan Tutoring

Regardless of your child's age, interests, or academic needs, you have come to the right place. Big Apple Tutoring has tutors who specialize in all subjects from elementary school all the way up through the graduate level. For lower school students, we provide board-certified teachers with specializations in beginner reading, phonics, and/or mathematics.

Middle school tutors are familiar with virtually every public and private school's curriculums in Manhattan. We recognize how varied the material can be at the middle school level. That's why we treat each of our clients as an individual, meeting whatever their specific needs may be. We also recognize how essential a healthy and trustworthy rapport is to a child's success. That's why we work rigorously to ensure that your child develops a dynamic and trustworthy relationship with their tutors. Big Apple Tutoring is excited to provide you with the exact tutor you need to help you achieve your academic goals and lead you to a brighter future. So are you ready to get on track to excellent academic performance? Contact us now at 212-479-0830 or email us for more information about our Exclusive Tutors Manhattan program. Your journey to success starts here.

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