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New Math Assessment Program For Common Core

While new research suggests that CEOs have a greater appreciation for the free thinking nature peddled by liberal arts majors, the fact still remains that engineering and business consulting ultimately make for more lucrative careers. In order to find success in those fields, one must develop expertise in mathematics. The earlier in life that one can recognize this fact, the easier it will be for him or her to take on the more challenging material later in his or her educational career, thus ensuring a smoother and more profitable transition into professional life.

Educational publisher Marshall Cavendish has created a new program that aims to evaluate 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders’ progress in mathematics. It is called Math On, is said to be remarkably rigorous, as its design is structured in close alignment with the Common Core State Standards that have spread to high school curriculums throughout the country in recent years.

While the newly implemented Common Core structure has received national praise as a rare bipartisan initiative set forth by the government, it has received criticism as of late for supposedly inadequate means of assessment. Math On is an assessment program that hopes to address this criticism directly, as an effort of making the transition into a more challenging mathematics curriculum smoother for students who in the past have lacked the proper training.

Additional concerns among some parents and public officials pertaining to the Common Core Standards is its narrow focus strictly on mathematics and language arts, suggesting that other subjects such as science and foreign language are less valuable to students’ futures. Some believe this is still preventing mass quantities of students from achieving their highest academic and professional potential.

Considering the fact that education is one topic in which politicians on all sides of the political spectrum can appreciate is crucial to the future of the country, it’s reasonable to assume that the standards to these additional topics could one day also be raised in pursuit of maximizing the the opportunities for students nationwide. However, these things take time. When such initiatives actually take place is anybody’s guess.

Not to mention the fact that federally mandated lower, middle and upper school curriculums has proved to be a non-functional equation, as demonstrated by the No Child Left Behind Act, finding ways to standardize sufficient education that keeps the U.S. competitive with other nations remains a difficult challenge for public officials.

So for the time being, maths training still seems to be the best means of opening up opportunities for your child. Upon taking advantage of the Math On assessment program, coupled with investing in the best tutors Manhattan has, you’ll be ensuring a more fulfilling and resourceful career for your child.

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New math assessment hopes to address recent concerns

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