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A private school education can be tremendously valuable, provided that it is effectively utilized. Simply attending a private school is only half the battle. The other half is actually understanding the material and staying organized enough to do the necessary work and stay on top of everything.

Middle and high school are confusing years, and it can be challenging to stay organized, especially with the rigorous curriculums offered in NYC private schools. With Big Apple Tutoring’s Private School Tutors in Manhattan, you can get all the help you or your child need in order to take full advantage of your education.

Big Apple can help students of all levels, from kindergarten through to the graduates. That includes standardized testing preparation from some of the best test takers in the country. All of Big Apple’s tutors have graduated from top ranked universities.

Big Apple also tailors its teaching methodology and selection of teacher to the needs of each individual student. This has been especially useful for our private school tutors, who can adjust to whichever material is being covered, regardless of the difficulty or subject matter.

Below is a list of services that would be provided to you or your child if you were to register with us:

  • Elementary Education Tutors: For lower school students, we provide board-certified teachers with specializations in beginner reading, phonics, and/or mathematics.
  • Middle and Upper School Tutors: Middle school tutors are familiar with virtually every public and private school curriculum in Manhattan. We recognize how varied the material can be at the middle school level. That’s why we treat each of our clients as an individual, meeting whatever their specific needs may be.
  • Standardized Test Prep: Each of our tutors has graduated from the most prestigious universities in the country, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA. They are some of highest scoring standardized test takers that the United States has produced. We promise to provide our students with all of the assistance necessary to raise their score to a number that is sufficient to get them into their desired institution, be it for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GMAT, GRE, ISEE, ELA, or Regents.
  • Graduate level tutoring and thesis assistance: Big Apple’s tutors are graduates from the best universities in the United States, giving them the experience necessary to give you the proper guidance so that you can write the best thesis that you are capable of writing.

Contact us today at 212-479-0830 or email us anytime for more information about our Private School Tutors Manhattan program.


Testimonials of Big Apple Tutoring, LLC

Big Apple Tutoring has home schooled our second grade twins this entire year–Not only have they done a phenomenal job in everyday instruction and motivation but they helped get our kids into the private schools of their choice–The best there is to offer in Manhattan in the way of home schooling or tutoring!!!!

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