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The 5 Paragraph Explained For Beginner Writers

There is a reason why the five paragraph essay is the first writing structure that students are taught all across the nation. It is the clearest and most effective way of communicating a message to an audience by way of the written word. It is organized and can be evaluated down to the sentence, allowing teachers to be more meticulous and exact with their instruction. But above all, it’s because it works! And that holds true not only at the primitive stages of writing education. The five paragraph essay is an extremely effective way for any writer at any point in his or her writing career to find a starting-off point. Granted, writers of a higher level take their liberties. But most begin from a similar place with a similar structure. So with that in mind, here is a brief explanation, just to reiterate that which is being taught in class. And for the record, all of this and more can be mastered upon receiving just a bit of guidance from top of the line New York City tutoring services.

The best part about the five paragraph essay is in the exactness of its structure, which allows its writers to outline precisely what they plan to say before writing a single word of the actual essay. So before you do anything, take a moment to consider what it is that you want to communicate and to whom you want to say it. Settle on a topic, then build your hypothesis. That is, what is your argument going to be? And as you build your hypothesis, be sure not to lose sight of who your audience is and what the best kind of language would be communicate your point.

Then, you must build your support. If you are going to make an argument, you have to back it up. Three supporting points to your argument should be sufficient. Each of these points will be distributed between your three body paragraphs. Each paragraph must also have its examples to act as proof to your support. This can come in the form of quotations or by simply drawing the reader’s attention to a particular instance that illustrates what you are arguing.

Once you have your hypothesis, your support, and your examples, you can begin writing. Here is how the essay should be structured. The introduction paragraph must make a broad reference to each of your supporting points. To put it in formulaic terms, you should have a sentence that is structures as A + B + C = D. For this, this, and this reason, you get that. Then finally, you should complete your introduction paragraph with your thesis statement.

Then you write your supporting paragraphs. Each paragraph must begin with a broad topic sentence describing the general point you plan to make in this paragraph. Then you support your topic sentence with a more specific point, which you can then support with a quotation. Remember, each point must start broad and then narrow in focus. So with each quotation, you want to start with a broader statement and then center in to drive your point home afterward.

Once you’ve written all three paragraphs, you can write your conclusion paragraph. This is simply repeating what has already been said in other words, for the sake of closure and clarity. Make brief reference to the most relevant examples and points, and restructure your A + B + C = D sentence to avoid redundancy. And there you have it. A clear and concise, beautifully structured five paragraph essay.

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The Five-Paragraph Essay