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The ‘Every Student Succeeds’ Act Will Open Up Room For Better Tutoring Services



President Barack Obama signed a bill Thursday replacing former President George W. Bush’s unpopular ‘No Child Left Behind Act’, which required students nationwide to pass a test designed by the government, forcing teachers to focus more time on training students for the test than on school curriculums. The new bill, titled the ‘Every Student Succeeds Act’, will scale back government involvement in education, allowing schools to address student progress on more of an individual basis.

Two of the most glaring changes in the new bill are the return to state level monitoring of schools and the removal of teacher evaluation based on student performance. With the variance in development, culture, and resources between school districts, the nationwide education policies proved to be counterproductive. Similarly, studies have shown that student performance on standardized testing does not accurately reflect a teacher’s abilities. Contrarily, many teachers found themselves teaching specifically to the test to protect their jobs instead of teaching the full curriculum, which was ultimately at the expense of the students’ learning.

The new law was signed following and uncharacteristically bi-partisan vote spanning across both major parties. Mr. Obama was quoted in calling it “a Christmas miracle…right here,” as the Democrats and Republicans have been gridlocked on virtually all issues since the president took office.

The hope is that the new changes in the US education system will allow teachers and tutors to spend more time focusing on other aspects of the students’ development. Tutors in NYC in recent years have become more than just an aid for individual subjects in which a student is struggling. Nowadays, students from preschool on up through the graduate level seek NYC tutoring with as much interest in academic guidance as they do in general life mentoring.

Nowadays, tutors interact with their clients several times a week, and often times even go away with the family on vacation. More and more are they becoming not just academic guides, but rather general advisers/counselors.

This trend will only grow with time thanks to the changes put forth by the Obama administration, since tutors will now have the opportunity to diversify their services even more. That means helping students stay organized, teaching them better study skills, improving their critical thinking and supporting them through difficult social and emotional phases of life. Where tutors were once forced to play a difficult role similar to that of teachers, focusing almost exclusively on standardized testing, now they will be able to help students become more creative and independent thinkers.

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