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The Growing Trend of Ivy League Tutors in NYC



They have been labeled the modern day waiters because they are most often graduates with some form of an arts degree, be it writing, acting, music, etc. A college degree in the arts has never really guaranteed a secure career directly out of university, which is why many, even at the Ivy League level end up getting side jobs both during and after studying.

Nonetheless, they are Ivy League bachelors and graduates of the nation’s top universities, making them some of the most elite thinkers of their generation. It also means that they are the best test takers, since today’s evaluation process for universities remains largely based on standardized testing. Not to mention that artists tend to be more creative and open-minded, making them better communicators, and thus the prototypical tutors.

A recent article by The Atlantic discussed a 2013 Princeton graduate named Catherine Cohen who moved to New York City to pursue a career in comedy but took up private tutoring in NYC to support herself. In the article, Cohen explains the increasingly high standards required by the top tutoring agencies in NYC, comparing it to that of the standards required to be accepted by an Ivy League university.

In addition to academic excellence, most agencies require employees to be exceptionally personable. The Atlantic article goes on to explain how in today’s tutoring market, “You have to be bright, be a strong communicator, and have great people skills. It’s as if you work at the Ritz Carlton.”

That’s because tutors are no longer simply available to aid a student in his or her math homework, but rather to act as a mentor across all subjects both academic and social. In many cases, tutors will communicate with their clients on a daily basis, helping them as much with the school subjects as they do with organization and study skills, as well as personal development.

In recent years, the trend of highly educated graduates taking up tutoring as a profession has proven to be a cumulative phenomenon. As demand grows, many tutors who start off part time to support of some form of an arts career usually end up tutoring as a full time profession within a matter of years.

This in turn, seems to add to the demand. As the trend gains more traction, more parents are learning of it and investing in it. How this affects tutor’s compensation in the years to come is difficult to predict. But one thing is for sure. Any parents who feel their child could use any guidance in development, be it in a particular subject in general organization, should investigate tutoring in NYC. In time, it will become the norm, and those who do not invest in it will be left behind.

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