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The Most Valuable Study Skills For Any Level

Education is a tricky thing but it teaches some important life skills that you can take with you for years to come. And that’s not just referring to the actual class material, but also to the way in which you learn it. One of the most valuable skills you learn in school is the ability to act in the present in preparation for the future. Class time is an investment, which means it does not exist within a vacuum. You could be an active, engaged listener who attends all the classes and asks an abundance of questions every day. For some, that might just be enough to pass. But for most of us, simply going to class is not going to cut it. At the end of the day, everything is leading up to an exam or final paper, which means paying attention in class is only half the battle. The other half is the studying you do after. Here are all the study skills you need to know in order to ensure you ace the test on the other side. You can solidify those skills with the best tutors NYC has.


You need to have direction in your studies. If there’s no trajectory, you’ll always ponder to yourself whether you’ve done enough. And when you set those goals, there are a handful of essential questions you should keep in mind. Firstly, is it realistic? The whole point of making a to-do list is for the rewarding feeling of crossing off your achievements once you’ve made them. If they’re unattainable, you’ll always be dissatisfied, which in turn will lead to discouragement and decline in good study habits. Try to anticipate what kind of work these goals will require compared to how much work you are willing and able to give each day.


When you feel yourself spiraling into the cramming cycle and you’re unhappy with the stress that comes with the all nighters along with the negative impact it’s having on your grades, that’s when you know it’s time for a change. As mentioned, budgeting time is vital. The further you look in advance, the better off you’ll be. Bad habits get broken by the creation of good habits. If you can build a routine based on an outlined plan for how much time you’ll spend each day, the night before the exam will be like a walk in the park.

Give And Receive Help

Your teacher’s job is to teach. And it is always in her or his best interest that you do well in her or his class. Even if it’s because you didn’t pay close enough attention in class and missed some details, your instructors will appreciate your honesty and your willingness to put in the extra effort to learn it. And once you think you finally do understand the material, you should test yourself out by trying to explain it to your peers. If you can’t explain it simply that’s a good indication that you don’t fully understand it. But with a bit of peer to peer tutoring, you can get a decent gauge of where you stand with the material. Moreover, you should also be open to receiving help from your peers if they seem to understand it a bit better than you. Just be sure not to get too distracted if you’re going to rely on study groups.

If you want to do well in school, this is how you do it. But good habits don’t form overnight. And there’s nothing wrong with getting some help where it’s needed. A great way to hit the ground running is by working with the best tutors NYC offers, at Big Apple Tutoring. Contact us today at 212-479-0830 to sign up or ask any questions.

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