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Tutoring NYC


After working with many of the top tutoring agencies advertised on television and in national newspapers, Daniel C. Levine decided to launch his own company and share his wealth of knowledge. With over a decade of experience, Big Apple Tutoring (and our “Tutoring NYC service”) has become one of the most sought-after private tutoring agencies in New York City.

In his years working for these other agencies, Daniel noticed a lack of commitment to the client. Most would hire as many tutors as possible and farm them out, regardless of whether they were qualified to handle the specific needs of the student. From these experiences, Daniel was able to develop a more intimate and personalized tutoring structure. Unlike other agencies, Big Apple Tutoring refuses to put profit before education.

New York City’s private and public school systems are known for their rigorous curricula. PSAT, SAT, Regents, and ELA exams are necessities. Without proper academic support, students can too easily fall right through the cracks of a complicated system. Tutoring NYC students to make sure they’re fully up to speed is the priority of Big Apple Tutoring.
By implementing a revolutionary new approach to education, Big Apple’s Tutoring service proves that learning can also be fun.

Our engaging, compelling, and challenging techniques are sure to captivate any young mind. Parents will feel at ease knowing that their children are being taught by our close-knit network of highly skilled NYC Tutors. And adults who use our services will likewise feel assured that they’re getting the best possible service for their money.

Our Tutoring services can help in many ways. Whether you need assistance with a specific paper, exam or general subject, Big Apple Tutoring will ensure success in you or your child’s future. Our first-rate tutors have been specifically trained in these areas:

Elementary Education Tutors
We have tutors who specialize in beginning reading, phonics, and math skills. If you require a board-certified teacher, we can be certain to accommodate your need.
Middle School and High School Tutors
Our tutors understand how competitive the New York City Public and Private School system can be. At Big Apple Tutoring, we have grown to know and understand the curriculum of virtually every school in Manhattan.
Standardized Test Prep Tutors
With so many standardized tests (SSAT, PSAT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, ISEE, ELA, and Regents), it is essential that our tutors be available to help your child in any or all of them. We provide an invaluable resource for the preparation of these standardized tests.
Tutors for Individuals with Learning Disabilities
Big Apple Tutoring, has several tutors on staff who specialize in students that have various learning disabilities or processing issues. Some of these tutors have received special training, while others are certified special education teachers.
College and Graduate level Tutors
We have several tutors on staff who only work with our college and graduate school level students. Whether you need help with a college level course, or desire someone to proofread a thesis, our expert college level tutors are second to none.

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