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New York City

New York Public Library
Our own fine resource of world renown.

New York City Schools
Central information site for the world’s largest metropolitan school system.

The Parents League of New York 


Education Sites – Education Directory
Educational resource directory to schools, degree programs and careers in the US and Canada. Includes a listing by topic, state and city. Provides student information.


Teaching Aids

The Learning Shop
Looking for toys that teach? The Learning Shop specialize in high quality educational toys and kids games, and pride ourselves in providing the best possible internet shopping experience.

New and Used Textbooks
Biblio has millions of college and high school textbooks at an average of 40% less than retail textbook prices.


Fun Sites

Summer Camp And Trip Resource
A no fee referral service for Sleepaway Camps and all Summer Camps.

National Teachers Day
Teacher Appreciation website with ideas and suggestions for Teachers Day.



Proud Parenting
Next Step Magazine 
Exclusive Education 
The Dalton School
The Chapin School 
Brandeis University
Tufts University
Actors’ Equity Association 
Screen Actors Guild


Troubled Teens

Troubled Teens
Help for Troubled Teens Blog focuses on schools for troubled teens, programs for troubled teens, help for parents of troubled teens, and therapy for troubled teens and various other measures to overcome the problems of troubled teens.

Troubled Teens Boot Camp 
Resolution Ranch designs individualized therapy focused on the personal needs of each teen.

School for Troubled Teens
Get help for teen drug abuse.