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Tutors Can Help Kids Beat Performance Anxiety

New data is released every year differentiating between a good test taker and an able and intelligent young student. It’s no secret that consistently doing poorly on exams does not necessarily indicate that a student doesn’t understand the material. There are a lot of factors that play into the equation, not the least of which stems from performance anxiety.

For anyone who doubts whether test taking should qualify as a performance, consider this. It is an activity that a student has been building toward for weeks to months on end, that finally reaches its pinnacle and then is over within one hour’s time. It is not much different from rehearsing for a speech or theatre performance. The bottom line is that the real thing is never the same as the practice, which is why waking up on test day is understandably overwhelming, sometimes to the point that it causes students to become frazzled and forget key information, regardless of whether or not they’d studied in the weeks leading up to crunch time.

There is a lot of pressure that comes with taking an exam, especially at an age in which there’s very little else in life of much value other than one’s academic performance. The material aside, getting over that anxiety is the true challenge of lower, middle and upper school education. But then what does it take to make that happen, and where does it start? That’s where the tutors come in.

In 2016, a private tutor offers so much more. Yes, they provide top quality Manhattan homework help. They provide extra training and guidance for students struggling in particular subjects. They even provide practice tests so that a student can get familiar with the structure of an exam. The purpose of having a tutor is to give the student an advantage in his or her academics. And that’s precisely what they get. But not just for the reasons above.

One of the most valuable yet least tangible advantages that a good tutor can provide is confidence. Nowadays, tutors specialize in training students who are known to panic when taking tests. Sometimes half the battle is just settling down and organizing your thoughts, which seems easy enough, but in reality, of course is much easier said than done.

But it must be done nonetheless, not just for the sake of passing the next upcoming test, but also for learning to deal with tense situations and learning to stay focused in difficult points in life. It’s a valuable skill for now and later and is best facilitated with one of New York’s best private tutors.

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