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Why Kids Need Tutors For Common Core Curriculum

Every year, more and more parents across the nation are opting to hire tutors to prepare their kids for the common core curriculum that has been administered by high schools in nearly every state. Very few have argued its effectiveness and mostly everyone recognizes that high school education standards needed to be raised. However, while the curriculum is now more advanced, the actual training process has proven to be the greater challenge.

Extracurricular programs have been employed by institutions all through the country, yet in many cases they have not been enough, which in turn is now leading parents to turn to private one on one tutors to get their children the proper education they need to do well with the newly administered math and language arts based common core curriculum.

Dating back to the 1990s, it was already becoming clear that in high schools throughout the country, curriculums were not sufficiently preparing students for college level education. Regardless of how well students had been performing in high school, they were typically unable to remain competitive in higher education. For some, this meant not even having the opportunity to be admitted to college, regardless of their grade point average, due to the fact that the curriculum itself was just not advanced enough. For others, despite having been accepted to universities, they were unable to keep up with the material and would ultimately be forced to drop out.

This gap in the American education system was not lost on parents and educators, and in time, it became abundantly clear that high school standards had to be raised nationwide. This led to a newly written, more rigorous curriculum. States were encouraged to adopt this initiative through a competition for grants called Race to the Top. Those who agreed to take on the new curriculum were awarded extra points in the running. By 2010, up to 42 states had adopted the new standards.

But raising the standards wasn’t the only step. Simply requiring kids to do harder work isn’t going to make them any smarter. There must also be educators with the proper skills and training to teach them the material. With a shortage of experienced, well trained teachers and a rising trend of parents being busier than ever, many students are still at a loss of opportunity. What this means for you or your child is that it’s time to invest in the best tutors Manhattan has to offer. That means none other than Big Apple Tutoring.

We offer the most highly skilled private tutors, all of whom have graduated from Ivy league universities and who are fully equipped to give your child the guidance he or she needs to excel in the new, highly challenging high school education that students are forced to learn in 2016. For more information on how to register with us, give us a call today at 212-479-0830. To learn more about the Common Core Curriculum and how it’s inspiring New York parents to hire tutors, click below.

Common Core Exams Drive Demand for Tutors

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