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Why Today’s Tutors Are Also Mentors



Some 10 to 15 years ago, the word ‘tutor’ meant a very different thing than it does today. In the year 2000, NYC tutoring entailed a person who generally helped a student who needed some extra attention through a specific subject in which he or she was struggling. In 2015 tutoring services are available to help their clients with practically anything and everything.

Regardless of what phase you’re in, life can be overwhelming at times. Kindergarten and elementary school is your first phase in which you interact with large groups of other children. It’s also when you’re first introduced to an organized and public educational setting. Middle school is your first phase of adulthood where you start developing a complex sense of independence. High school is when the work gets hard and college is when the work gets really hard. In short, at no point is life just plain easy.

That’s why having someone around on a consistent basis can be helpful. That’s the role a tutor in NYC plays in 2015. In an article by the New York Times, Big Apple Tutoring founder Daniel Levine spoke on how “In the beginning, it was a mom calling and saying, ‘My sophomore needs help with chemistry,’ ‘My 7-year-old really needs help with reading,’ Within a few years, however, [Levine] noticed that parents weren’t requesting tutoring in one area, but seeking someone who could oversee a range of subjects, in addition to SATs and college essay preparation.”

But tutors don’t just help with academics. The tutoring trend in New York City has grown far beyond just school. NYU student Melanie Barnes said, “Not only have I been able to talk with [my tutor] about academics, but also any issues I’m having with social stuff, teachers or family. It’s really comforting that I can go to [my tutor] for anything.”

The trend has only grown more popular with time. Some years ago, only exceptionally wealthy families did this form of tutoring. But as it’s gained traction, the best tutors of NYC have steadily expanded their clientele throughout the city, as more and more parents consider it a worthwhile investment for their children.

Big Apple Tutors offers social and academic tutoring and mentoring to clients of all ages and levels, as their tutors are all open-minded graduates of the country’s top universities. That includes pre-K all the way up through the graduate level, along with standardized testing preparation and thesis assistance.

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